Here’s a portrait of Elizabeth Siddal who was a model and muse for the Pre-Raphaelite painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti. My watercolor teacher had a book of Pre-Raphaelite artwork and this portrait struck me as perhaps an interesting one to paint. I’m not used to doing portraits, so this was out of my comfort level, but it proved to be an interesting learning experience. After I started to paint her I wanted to find out a little bit about her. She lived an interesting yet sad life. You can read about her here or here.

One of the more bizarre things I read about her was that after her suspected suicide she was buried with a book of poems written by her husband, the painter Rossetti. Later, encouraged by a “friend” he had her body exhumed so he could retrieve the manuscript of poems!!!!! Talk about creepy!

On a completely different note, the Giants just won the Super Bowl. All of a sudden the neighborhood exploded with noise. People screaming, yelling, horns honking! New York is happy! (I couldn’t give a rat’s ass, but don’t tell anyone.)