vase.jpgHere’s another watercolor I did in class. I was happy with the way this picture came out. It’s very bright and I like the colors.  I started out with much more color on the flowers and ended up coming back a week later and “lifting” some of the color off the flowers.  I think it looked better that way.  What amazes me is when I’m stuck and then the teacher comes over and suggests a very dark wash over an area. I’m always nervous, but then there it goes on the paper and it looks great.    Apparently I’m ok with the middle values.    But haven’t done enough water colors to know how the dark values will look when they dry.

I’m working on a landscape right now. Again I think I have to make the whole thing darker. We’ll see, I hope to post it next week. One thing about water color is that you really have to wait for it to dry before you go back and apply more color. I usually hate what I’m working on and then I come back to class a week later and it doesn’t look so bad. I’m always surprised.