cblossoms.jpg I still remember it being New Year’s Eve, 1969 (I was a mere tot) and my mother and a friend saying “good bye to the sick sixties, hello to the sexy seventies”. (I don’t remember the sixties being sick. I thought they were fun. And I thought the 70’s were fun too. Well, at least what I can remember of them.)  And who can forget the mania when 1999 was going to become the year 2000 and everyone thought the world would end or the utilities would stop or the ATMs would no longer work and no one would have any cash! We survived that too. Now 2007 will soon be over.  I can only hope that 2008 will bring health and happiness and that ever elusive thing called peace.

Here’s a picture of the cherry blossoms from spring of this year. I love cherry blossoms. They make me happy. They are pink and pretty, but they don’t last too long and you always have to remember to enjoy them for the short time they are in bloom. I think I might try and do a watercolor of this photo. It seems like it might be hard, but I will give it a shot. I’m working on another landscape now, and I will try to post it soon.

Happy New Year everyone.