apple-glass-and-flower-finished-dec-2007.jpgDecember 24 is in many ways more fun than December 25th which, as far as I’m concerned, has become a joke. If I see one more car commercial I will scream. I am not a religious person, but even I know the meaning of Christmas is not a new car. On December 24th, it’s more about family, friends, food and being together. Kinda like a Thanksgiving with lights. And that’s what I like. My husband and I no longer exchange gifts, nor do I exchange gifts with friends and family. The kids still get gifts, but even that’s been cut down. One of my favorite gifts that I get every year from a dear friend is a donation in my name to one of the many charities she and I both believe in. That makes me feel better than any scarf, sweater or other item I really don’t need ever would. Of course if someone wants to buy me a house, I may rethink my position.

Yesterday was an exciting day because I finally got to go back to my watercolor class. I finished my painting of the apple, glass and flower. It looks a lot darker in this photo compared to the unfinished one I posted on November 29th when I wrote about underachieving. It must be the camera. Or the phone camera. I will try to take another photo with a real camera and better light. But in any event, this one is completed and I can’t wait to start another one.