landscape.jpgYes, that’s right. As far as I’m concerned outside begins with ow! And this sentiment was unapologetically stolen directly from that great word smith and painter, Bonnie Luria. Recently I received an e-mail from a painter who described how he stopped along the side of the road to paint an apricot orchard. WHAT? There is nothing on the side of my road remotely like that. I get nervous when I’m in a vast expanse of “outside”. I convinced my sister to get a dog because she lived in a (to me) rural area (ok, it was just the suburbs, but still) at night IT GOT DARK. What’s up with that? I would rather be in Times Square at 3:00 am (before it was Disneyfied) than be in the dark in the country. The ax man could be in the bushes. At least in the city there are lights and you can see the lunatic who is about to attack you. Here’s a landscape I did in class. It was done from a picture. Many people in class have done it at different times and it’s always so interesting to see different interpretations of the same image. One of these days I may actually go OUTSIDE and try and do a landscape. Maybe.

Some people may say that these issues come from my mother who was born and raised in Manhattan and who on various occasions warned me about a variety of things: When I was going out disco dancing to: ALWAYS CHECK FOR THE FIRE EXITS! She also advised me when NYC was going to be hit with a hurricane: DON’T GO OUTSIDE, ANYTHING CAN FLY UP AND BECOME A DEADLY PROJECTILE! And of course there was the advice: FEET ARE NEVER CLEAN! This had to do with a discussion of family members making home made wine. Don’t even ask.

Today I think I will paint something. Wish me luck.