I am an underachiever. Always have been. My sister is an overachiever. Always has been. Today I wanted to paint, but so far I’ve just been watching TV. TV about painting. I’m watching the craft and painting shows on TV and thinking about all the painting and crafting I want to do. I guess I’m a procrastinator too, but that’s another subject for another post.

Here’s a painting I started in class, but never finished. I have to work on the apple more to make it sharper as well as the flower and the glass. Well, I have to work on the whole thing. When I’m back on my feet and back to class I’ll finish it up. It will be interesting to compare and see what it looks like when it’s “done”. I like this painting so far. I don’t want to over work it, but it does need a little more work.

Here’s one of my favorite books: The Underachiever’s Manifesto By Ray Bennett, M.D. A favorite quote: “Going the extra mile leads to exhaustion.” Hmmm, I’m always tired so what’s up with that? But since I’m not a brain surgeon, I like the ideology of this book. Now I don’t feel badly about being an overachiever. I’VE BEEN VALIDATED!