Here’s a painting of some flowers the teacher set up for us in class. There was a window behind me so there was light reflecting on the glass vase. I really enjoyed working on the highlights in the glass and the folds in the fabric.

The flowers, to me, were the easiest to paint, but I realized that they were all facing “away” from me after I completed the watercolor. Oh well. That’s the way it goes. It was an excellent lesson and I feel I learned quite a bit.

Sometimes I look at the watercolors after they are completed and I always think I should go back and work on this area a little more or that area some more. But if I did that I would never move on to another watercolor, so I just say to myself, time to stop on this one and move on to something else. Should I be more of a perfectionist? Maybe. But I’m not. At least not right now.

Me gusto las flores.

I was going thru my bookmarks today and came across my most favorite video EVER. Every time I watch it I just laugh and laugh.