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Parking lot – WIP on 1/2 sheet of 140 # Arches cold press

I started this in the style of Tim Saternow whose workshop I took back in March of this year.   I started with a grisaille  (monochromatic painting in Paynes Gray) which is here:

There is still more work to do. I jumped ahead many steps too fast so this may end up in the “it was a good idea at the time” pile.  But all is not lost as I did learn what not to do.  Which often is as important as what to do.

I saw Rhonda was working on a portrait all in paynes gray which was pretty cool and you can see it here.

The image above is where we park our car.  Which is about 3 blocks from where we live.  And don’t even ask what we pay for that spot in an outdoor lot 3 blocks away, BUT, it is SO worth it when you come home and have to drive around the block for 45 minutes before something opens up.   The Husband says it’s almost time to move.  But WHERE?   Any suggestions?

Is anyone else sick of the Olympics?  Damn overachievers.

Museum columns WIP on approx. 9×12 Arches 140lb cold press

I’m working on a new technique taught by one of my wonderful teachers, Joan Iaconetti.  It’s all about painting more loosely, applying thick paint, spraying it with water, letting it run, drip, whatever. Go back and paint some more.

Spray. Blot. Drip, Dry.

Working on this painting sounds very much like a laundry commercial.   My laundry should be as much fun.   Luckily I was banned from doing the laundry many years ago by the Husband after I turned a few pairs of his white boxer-briefs a lovely, non-NYPD, pink.   Can’t change in the locker room with pink briefs.  Lucky for me the Husband is EXCELLENT at doing laundry.  And don’t even get me started on his folding abilities.  Every once in a while when he’s folding t-shirts while watching the hockey game he will call me over, show me some of the folds and then tell me to be careful just as he pretends he got the equivalent of a paper cut.   Oh he is amusing that Husband!

I’m enjoying this style of painting and hope to be posting more.  I used mostly paynes gray and at the very end added a bit of raw sienna and some phthalo blue.


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